07:30 –  Alarm rings, hits snooze. 

08:16 – Rushes to bathroom. Fixes comb over. 

08:35 – Stuck in Traffic. 

08:50 – Orders the usual. 

08:52 – Pays 5 dollars on Credit. 

09:08 – 8 minutes late to work. No one cares. 

09:30 – Checks Bank account. It’s Red. 

10:00 – Boss calls a meeting. Notices a coffee stain. 

10:30 – Finds men’s fitness articles. 

10:35 – Researches author. Discovers overweight women. 

12:00 – Has lunch with friends. Doesn’t listen to anything they say.

12:20 – Gets upset about executive bankers getting paid too much. Friends nod. 

 12:55 – Pays for friends with credit. 

13:00 – See’s cute girl in cubicle near him. 

13:10 – Tries to start a conversation on inner-company communication system. 

13:11 – Trash talks the boss. 

13:13 – Asks her out. 

 13:14 – Fails. Surfs the internet. 

 14:30 – Gets some mediocre work done. 

 15:45 – Notices student loan payment notification. Due tomorrow. 

 15:50 – Looks for new job on craigslist.

16:20 – Finds one. Doesn’t apply. 

 16:30 – Receives email from boss. Surfs Facebook. 

 17:00 – Responds to email. Leaves work. 

 17:20 – Happy Hour. 

 17:45 – Gets mad. Isn’t going to win the bet. 

 17:55 – Complains to friends that athletes get paid too much.

 18:00 – Has a conversation:

Suit guy at the bar asks, “Why are you here?”

– “What do you mean?”

“Why are you here, eating wings?”

– “To watch the game. Why?”

“So you’re paying money to watch the game?”

– “No, I’m paying money for the wings.”

“Never mind buddy, take care.” 

19:00 – Games over. Bet Lost. Rushes home for TV. 

 21:00 – Sips Coke. Hope it helps sobriety.

23:00 – Goes to bed.

Wishes he had more time.

07:30 – Alarm rings, hits snooze.

– JL

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