Every other day a lion chases, hunts and kills somebody.

Every day somebody chases, hunts and kills a lion.

See running is not for the King, it’s for those who want to roam the jungles.

Running belongs those who are free.

Those who are free from the zoo, free from normal captivity and who are ready for more.


They’re free authority but their held captive by ambition and bound by passion.

In the jungle only the fittest thrive. being ambitious

Today you can make a ripple in our world easier than ever before.

One person can make a video that gets 100 Million views.

One person can make an app and sell it for a Billion dollars.

One person can start a church, start a movement, start business.

One person, and that one person is you.

You can solve a problem.

Many apply for a job and wait and lurk for the opportunities to come.

These people are worried about rejection, they’re hiding,  they’re afraid that something isn’t going to happen.

Others, who want it bad enough, contribute, they volunteer, they call, they beg, they do everything to get noticed.   These people of ambition are not waiting for an opportunity to come.

They’re chasing it.

They demand it.

They hunt it.

…as if it belonged to them in the first place.

At the end, life, it gives you what you ask.

Actually no, it gives you what you chase, what you demand, what you hunt.



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